Music Therapy


Ghirass recently started music therapy in cooperation with Ninawa Foundation and its professional team. Currently, there are two age groups of children, both boys, and girls with social, emotional, and cognitive learning difficulties taking part in music therapy. The children show a high level of interest, involvement, and improvement. 

Ghirass renews the courses every two months so new children can take part and the list of participants can be modified. Music therapy is a form of therapy that uses music as a means to help children cope with the problems and psychological pressures they are exposed to. It is considered a distinctive method of expression because it allows the children to get rid of negative energy and express themselves. The way sounds and rhythms are transformed into music enhances the children’s creativity, memory, and psychological and emotional abilities and has a positive impact on their psyches. It is not necessary for the children to have any musical knowledge to benefit from music therapy.