The Remedial Teaching Program

Remedial Education

The remedial teaching program that was started in 2000 is an educational and social program that helps children who are underachieving academically and are facing learning difficulties. It provides an integrated educational environment that is supportive and motivating for children to help them increase their academic, social, and emotional capabilities, and reach their maximum potential. Thousands of children who have suffered from learning difficulties (academic, social, and emotional) and academic underachievement have benefited from the program since its inception.

The children come from different areas in the Bethlehem Governorate including cities, villages, and refugee camps, in addition to some children from Jerusalem and Hebron. Children from first to sixth grade come from private, government, and UNRWA schools to attend the program.

The program is making great progress and has a positive impact on the character of the children and their families. Twice a week, children come with an adult from their family to follow up on their progress and support the child’s learning at home. This program runs parallel to the school system aiming to boost the child’s academic achievement and increase families’ involvement in their children’s learning.

Children taking part in the program can use the center’s library and can participate in the center’s various activities such as drama, music, drawing, parkour, and more. This increases the positive impact the center can have on these children and enhances their self-esteem and ability to adapt to the difficulties that they may face in life.