Who we are?

Ghirass Cultural Center is an educational, cultural and leisure Center that gives the children of Bethlehem district a safe place to learn, play, meet friends, develop and grow into young adults. It addresses the needs of the children of Bethlehem district and their families, from birth to 16 years. The Center is affiliated to Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation.

The Center was established in 1994 for two main reasons:

The need for a safe place to learn and play became apparent during the first Intifada (uprising against the Israeli occupation) when children became the innocent victims of the closure of schools and curfews.

Ghirass was also set up due to the prevailing academic philosophy at the time and the lack of cultural education in the schools. The Center recognized the importance of giving the children of Bethlehem an opportunity to learn their traditional music, dance and handicrafts and to gain knowledge of Palestinian culture, history, literature and ecology.

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