The Library has been a key section since the Center began.  The Ghirass Cultural Center considers reading as a basic element in developing a child’s awareness and personality. The library contains about 8000 books in both the Arabic and English languages. The librarian works hard to give the children what they need and like, not only from reading but also with other activities and competitions.


  • Enhance reading from an early age.
  • Enhance and strengthen vocabularies.
  • Enrich reading skills so it will easily become a daily habit.

What the librarian does to achieve these goals includes:

  • Read and hold discussions about stories.
  • Help children to read at home by borrowing books from the library.
  • Organize some cultural competitions.
  • Cooperate with other libraries and strengthen thosee relationships.

The Center began its campaign, “Born to read” in September 2010 in some kindergartens and schools in Bethlehem. Target places are the very difficult to reach or where staying connected with other communities is problematic. This is especially true of who are separated by the apartheid wall, such as Battir, Khas and No’man , Zakarya , Alkhader, Husan, Nahaleen, Wadfokeen, Goretsham’a, Alobedeya, Tqoo’ and Almesara.

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