Teaching Palestinian Folklore

Hakaya Band

Ghirass Center had been interested since its inception in the Palestinian heritage and folklore. It has been working to establish a Hekaya band for Palestinian Dabka, and a Hekaya band for singing. And it began to hold sessions to teach the Palestinian popular Dabke. The product of this work is attention to the emergence of Palestinian heritage and the rise to prominence of the Hekaya band with high-level offers of folkloric paintings reflecting the heritage inherent in Palestine and keeping it through education from generation to generation.  In addition, this heritage has been disseminated globally through a series of annual presentations by the band in different countries of the world such as Norway, Britain and France as well as to participate in the revival of national events.

Each year the activities of this program include many training courses in Dabka and singing.   At the end of these sessions gifted children have been taken on as members in the Hakaya band.

The Hakaya band represents the backbone and interface of this program.   To learn more click here.

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