Teachers’ Training

This program started 2010. It trains teachers from different schools,  government UNWRA and private. Its aims are to improve both the educational and social environment and to increase the potential of trained teachers. The working team at the Center can offer the benefit of their wide range of experience. The ability and experience of children, families and society are assessed in order to develop all these appropriately. To guarantee improvement in all these areas, staff from the Center work on these training indicators:

A)      Training and qualifying work with groups of teachers and social workers from government, private and UN schools, on how to identify children’s reading difficulties early on;

B)      Therapy and level of involvement through connections with the family. This program has been running since 2010 and is still active. By  2014, 400 teachers and social workers from schools and kindergartens, had completed the program. This course is supported by the GIZ jointly with the Ministry of Education.

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