is a reading campaign launched by „Ghirass“ in 2010. Its main target is

to raise awareness about the importance of reading from an early age

and make reading and telling stories part of Palestinian culture. Its Scientifically supported,

that reading helps  the  children to have a life long joy of learning, to foster language, tolerance, self confidence and social competence. Under the hard economical and political conditions in Palestine, we try to strengthen this way families and childrenes resilience.

The whirling point of our campaign is


Many homes and schools lack books and suitable reading material and there was a demand from marginalized children to borrow books to take home.
At present the library contains some 8338 children’s books in Arabic and English, including the addition in 2014 of around 1,129 specialist children’s books. Children and their parents come to lend and read about 4285 books every year. Our Librarian regularly organize activities in the center as story telling and events with Palestinian authors.

To spread our idea further we started in 2010 with an


Three days a week our staff goes to 15 villages around Bethlehem. Due to the Isreali occupation, these places have to deal with poor conditions. We try to support them with book and toys. We establish small libraries, play, read and draw with the children, give workshops for parents and teachers. More than 3800 children benefit from this program every year and the results of the regular evaluations are excellent.

The Program until now is supported by the German governmental organization GIZ.

The Locations of The Outreach Program  2013
The Locatios Of the Outreach Program-2012

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