Historical & Cultural Exhibition

Historical Exhibit

The gallery is fixed to and surrounded by most of the Center walls.   It was established in 1997 and contains dozens of images relating the significance of clear national Palestinian issues.  Pictures and paintings embody the Palestinian heritage in all its forms and stages, as well as the past and present  Palestine and the history of suffering and sacrifices over the years at the hands of the British occupation and of Israel since the Nakba in 1947, through the first intifada in 1987 until the second intifada in 2001, which witnessed an increase in racist practices such as the high number of settlements and bypass roads which cut across the country and the apartheid wall, which bit off and still bites thousands of acres of Arab land of Palestine.

The objectives and rationale for the creation of this exhibition were:

  • To show childhood in the past in all the manifestations of politics and culture, heritage and social life
  • To maintain the Palestinian identity through maintenance of the elements of our history and heritage and culture
  • To keep the Palestinian issue alive in the conscience of every member of the Center and all those visiting the Center
  • To reverse the historic suffering of the Palestinian people due to the continued occupation practices of brutality, oppression and persecution and discrimination

Here some the historical images from Ghirass Historical Exhibtion. Click the image to browse the gallery

We invite you to visit us, you can see all the collection.

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