Social Work & Psychosocial Support and Counselling

This division was established in the Ghirass Culture Center on the first of July 2008, and its role is to complement the other sections in the Center.   It employs a social worker.

The concept of psychological and social support: This is a process that involves all services needed by the child and family.   Through preventive, developmental and therapeutic programs the goal is to achieve a good deal of psychological adjustment and social development of children and families and to increase motivation and raise their productivity in various fields.

The division operates the following objectives:

  • To achieve a good level of mental health of the child and the family
  • Development of life skills, linking them into the daily life of the child.
  • Behavior modification.

Among the most prominent themes within the Department to achieve its objectives are:

  • Behavioral issues representing in aggression, hyperactivity, disorder, negative trends
  • Psychological and emotional issues representing in fear, lardy urination, allergies, depression, shyness, anxiety, isolation, low self-confidence.   Some cases arise from shock.
  • Family issues: poverty, violence, family disintegration, lack of communication in the school or in the Center from home
  • Health issues: disease, anemia, poor appetite, personal hygiene, hearing and sight problems
  • Educational issues: fragmentation, chaos, time management, focus, motivation

The main mechanisms for achieving the above objectives are:

  • Individual counseling. (Child and family) case study
  • Group counseling. (Child and family) treatment groups
  • Activities of a collective therapeutic nature (games, relaxation, representation)
  • Periodic meetings (parents, staff, administration)
  • Meetings and courses in life skills and mental health (time management, psychological trauma, stages of development)
  • transfer of cases from the Center to the another center (the Arab Society, Education)
  • individual and collective family consultation
  •  writing to parents and communicating with them in matters of physical and psychological health, and educational and social matters
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