Educational Toys library


This Division was established in the Ghirass Cultural Center on the first of February 2010, and ever since, it has been providing games of education in collaboration with Education Foundation and Play. Educational games are designed to arouse the interest and enthusiasm of the child and at the same time, teach, orientate and develop his or her creative skills and innovative abilities. This includes a wide range of games, structured and symbolic.

The following are among the most prominent themes that run through this Department and in cooperation with other departments, especially in the Center’s section of special education, guidance and library:

  • Children’s development of social skills through communication with others and learning the laws and regulations of society.
  • Children’s development of emotional skills such as the ability to accept failure, through self-expression, self-esteem and the overcoming of personal frustration.
  • Development of aspects of mental processes, exploration and innovation and the development of thinking and total awareness, attention and language.
  • Children’s development of skills, such as speed, accuracy, precision and skill of problem solving and inquiry skills and linking the significant with the abstract.
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