I did not fail 1000 times, but discovered that there are 1000 way that leads to failure


With this argument by Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb where he said after repeating the experience of the light bulb 1000 and succeeded the invention after the experiment No. 1001. This statement leads us with all it means of challenge and determination and perseverance to talk about a success story for a kid from Ghirass Cultural Center, where the wind of institutions and school neglected him and his parents left and right, accompanied by descriptions and terms that reached to deal with this case as he is a hopeless case.

Odi Ibraheem Atallah was born in mid-June of 2002 with this year’s campaign of political conditions and difficult field represented in the invasion, bombing and intimidation and the impact of what these conditions effects of psychological and social conditions.

Oday lived with his family that consists of mother, father, brother and sister in Zakaria, a village south-west of Bethlehem which is surrounded by so called “Gush Etzion” which is a big settlement. Therefore we can imagine the magnitude of the suffering being experienced by Oday and his family and other families.

In the sixteenth of October 2008, Oday’s mother went to Ghirass Center and talked about what is her son suffering of learning and behavioral difficulties. The mother came to the Center for an assesment for her child. The result of the assessment was that Oday has serious cognitive difficulties that appeared in weakness of the construction of knowledge and use of strategies, as well as weakness in the cognitive processes (attention, perception, memory, thinking and language). It was also observed that he is also very weak in the language represented by this weakness in the awareness of the voice and the shallowness of the vocabulary.

All this side of excessive energy and that represented in the impulsive. it has developed a comprehensive treatment plan for the child include the above points and represents in meetings therapeutic and other therapeutic guidelines follow-up next to him at home and in school. In that period he was enrolled in one of private schools in first grade and this was a crisis for Oday and his parents too. The alienation from the school and the urgency of the family to leave the school to search for another school or institution made problems for Oday. And after it struck the family more than once with the school administration about the problem of Oday he was directed by the family toward Ghirass to put him in a government school next to his follow-up program in Ghirass and he joined the school in Zakaria.

Today when we were telling this story, we met Oday and his mother and stood on the major stations that experienced by many things and checked with Oday, we  found a  completely different from Oday 2008 to Oday 2011. He can expresses himself nicely, he reads well, writes well and masters the calculations of the level described as well. He is in less rush has more attention. These achievements demonstrated clear on the face of Oday’s mother and who we asked about her feelings she said: “I feel in pain and sadness when I remember that years ago, frustration, threat and stigma of the school, killing judgment  that Oday will not succeed. Nothing will work with him. He has a problem in his brain got a special status. He can’t succeed or achieve anything in our school.” Today, when I see Oday in this wonderful achievement I can’t hide my happiness and progress of the development that happened to him.  But what worries me and scares me is when I notice what a retreat or negligence in him, because that takes me back directly to the past. I consider my son a success story for me,for the center and for the school that he has in and all those who contributed to it. ”

After Oday story and the stories of many children at Ghirass Center, we are here to restore hope to our children and not depression.

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