Meeting with parents of children from the remedial teaching program

The Ghirass team met with parents of children from the remedial teaching program. Here, several issues and important matters relating to their children were discussed: educational, psychological, recreational and social aspects of the child’s development included.
Teachers from the remedial teaching program spoke about the importance of emphasizing the need for parents to attend these meetings and the importance of the children’s commitment to participate in the remedial sessions, and for parents to be more involved in their child’s schooling.
The librarian spoke about the importance of reading for children, in particular children with learning difficulties, encouraging them to borrow books and to listen to their child’s reading and the importance of story reading and storytelling on a daily basis.
The teacher of educational games emphasized the need to integrate children into sensory-motor activities that are held at Ghirass several times a week. The positive effects of this were described on children’s development and behavior. At the same time, parents are encouraged to approach the social worker for counseling for themselves and their children.
With regard to Internet safety, the computer teacher in the center emphasized the use of children’s protection for Internet networks by the people to protect them from abuse and exploitation. Computer screen addiction can be tackled by allocating limited time to children for using computers, TVs and mobiles.

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