Evaluation workshop for the Essence of Learning Programme in Primary Schools

On Thursday 9/11/2017, the Ghirass Cultural Center organized a meeting to discuss the achievements and challenges experienced in the Essence of Learning approach as used in the outreach program, which had been implemented for two months in

three government primary schools and seven kindergartens.
The meeting was attended by the Educational Supervisor Issam Obaidallah and Educational Supervisor Nihad Hammash who represented the Educational Directorate of the Bethlehem district, along with Ghirass staff, Director and teachers. The principals of the three schools in which the program is implemented also attended, namely: Al-Nu’man, Al-Wad Al-Akhdar and Alqahera in Al-Khader. The discussion was conducted by the social worker Ayedd al-Hawshiyya, during which practical experiences with children were heard regarding the use of Essence of Learning within the Arabic language and mathematics curriculum. After this, Maram Fararjeh, coordinator of the programme, gave a short presentation on the goals and stages involved in implementing the programme. The teachers’ feedback was varied between schools in terms of its impact and the strategies that need to be used in order to blend the EoL with the curriculum for the first and second grades. Both supervisors Obaidallah and Hamash stressed the need to find ways of benefiting from this program and for it to be adapted to serve the children with flexibility.
In conclusion, thanks to all for their efforts and continuing experience. The programme is rated to be of a very good level.

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