Supervision by the Swiss expert

Ghirass Center welcomed the expert in the field of the essence of learning
Ms. Beatrice Rutishauser Ramm, representative of Ghirass partner, Caritas Switzerland Foundation between 23-27 September, Mrs. Ramm toured and supervised all locations where the essence of learning is implemented in kindergartens and primary schools in the target villages in Bethlehem Governorate. She briefed on the progress of the program and its applications and met with children, teachers and supervisors from the Directorate of Education in the province, where everyone expressed their satisfaction, benefit and the hard work done to overcome the difficulties to fit the program with the Palestinian reality.
All the field visits were followed by evaluation and interactive meetings with the Ghirass Center staff. The expert expressed her admiration and satisfaction at the level that the program was able to accomplish in a short period, which exceeded her expectations.

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