Outreach program with new pedagogical approach “Essence of learning”

In partnership with the Directorate of Education in Bethlehem and the Caritas Switzerland

Foundation, the staff of the Ghirass Center have been active since the beginning of the current academic year. The Essence of Learning ideology- educational, remedy, psychosocial- is implemented in 3 government schools (alqahera in Alkhader, alwad alkhdar in wad fokeen and Alkhas in alkhas village) and 7 kindergartens( Aljamia in Battir, Zuhoor Husan in Husan, Naleen in Naleen, Alfrdous in Alkhass, zuhoor Alobiedia, Alworood in Alkhader, Almostaqbal in Wadfokeen .
In its first phase, the project is based on an experimental research sample to monitor and identify the needs, outcomes and impact on children and the entire educational environment. Phase II includes an expansion of the program in terms of location targeting. Hundreds of children aged between five and 10 are benefiting from this program.

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