The Outreach Program starts its activities in the villages

Within the outreach program, the Ghirass Center started its work with kindergartens and schools

at the beginning of the academic year in September 2016 after the summer holiday. The program includes field visits to kindergartens and schools in targeted areas in 13 villages, with 20 kindergartens and 8 schools and two special education centers. The main aim is to empower teachers and parents and enhance their skills in strategies of prevention and treatment of underachievement problems and learning difficulties. The programs aim to enhance the development of cognitive, social, physical and emotional abilities. This is achieved using a range of activities such as sensory motor activities, storytelling, drawing and children’s songs.  All locations were provided with children’s books to be able to be part of the reading campaign, kindergartens and schools   distribute books on a regular basis every week. Parents’ meetings were held to raise awareness of the importance playing, reading, singing and drawing have on their children’s development. In addition, the Ghirass team concentrates on cooperating with teachers on strategies of prevention and treatment of underachievement problems and learning difficulties and involve parents in these subjects.

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