The Remedial Teaching Program starts a new course

A new course has started at the Ghirass Cultural Center in the remedial teaching program (treatment of underachievement problems and learning difficulties),

which includes the teaching of pre-school skills and Arabic, English language and mathematics in the primary schools. It started on 15/10/2016 with 145 boys and girls from the preschool stage and continues right up until the sixth grade, working with students from government, private and United Nations schools in the Bethlehem district. Approximately 40 children are new to this group, the rest are still continuing to benefit from the scheme.


The children are assigned to groups according to their skills and academic level. Each group has four children, the course lasts two months, two sessions per week, each session one hour long. The program focuses on integrating parents into the remedial plan to be implemented at home. It’s important for the parents to be involved in all stages from assessment, planning and the implementing the plan for their child. Parents are present during the sessions. Parents’ involvement is one of the pillars of this program.
It is worth mentioning that every child in the remedial teaching program is a member of the  Ghirass Cultural Center and is able to participate effectively in the activities provided by the Center (library, drawing, educational games, educational toys library, music, computer, summer camps). The child’s presence in these activities with other children who are not part of the remedial program enhances his/her self esteem and motivation to learn.
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