A Training Course about work with Children with Learning Disabilities has begun at the Ghirass Center

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, the Ghirass Center held two training courses for 60 teachers and principals from Bethlehem and the surrounding villages during the months of November and December. These courses last for 20 hours, divided into 5 meetings for each. Issues discussed include all aspects of learning difficulties and how to solve them,

plus discussion about the differentiation between learning difficulties and slow learning. Case studies are looked at in relation to the basic knowledge for kindergarten level and the first grade.

The course brings together knowledge and information on all levels, including: all mental processes such as, attention, recognition, memory, thinking and language. Phonological awareness is also discussed and the benefits of developing reading skills with children.

Away from the teaching aspects within the Center, the course works in the field by following up the impact on children, family and kindergartens. In addition, there is a workshop that evaluates all trainers.

This is only one of many training courses organized by the Ghirasss Center. Several courses have been attended by many teachers from private, government and UNRWA schools in accordance with an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Center.

Ghirass works continuously with these schools and kindergartens on the reading campaign and on reading enlightenment, by doing lots of activities with them. Focus is on the villages near the settlements and separation  wall by providing them with hundreds of stories from the mobile library through the outreach program and doing some  entertainment activities for parents and children .

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