Ghirass Center held meetings about children abuse

Children children abuse

Two meetings about children abuse were held at Ghirass Cultural Center as a cooperation project between the Bethlehem Arab Society and the psychosocial department in the center.

The first meeting was held by the social worker Rania Abu Rdana.  20 mothers came to the meeting. It lasted for 2 hours and a half. The social worker presented short movies and clips shows about child abuse and neglect.

Afterwards there was an open discussion with the mothers. The mothers talked freely and said that is important to have discussions like these, especially as these are daily issues.

The second meeting was held by the social worker Aireny Qumsieah where 50 children attended.  The children were divided into two groups according to their ages. The first group was for children between 6 and 9 years, the other group was attended by children between 10 to 14 years. The social worker talked about the different ways to protect children from all kinds of neglect and abuse.

Ghirass Center is in general organizing meetings with parents about different subjects. It is a strategic plan to cooperate with other institutions, focusing on new subjects/ approaches and exchanging experiences.

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