The Circus of Palestine presented a performance for 80 children and their parents

Palestine Circus show at ghirass cultural center

The Palestinian Circus School performed on 22nd January 2012 as part of the cooperation project between Ghirass Cultural Center and the Circus of Palestine a show for 80 children (up from age 6 years) and their parents under the title “dreams for sale”.

The Palestinian Circus School is a non-profit NGO, established in 2006. They believe that a future Palestine is possible, with people who dream of a better life and invest positive energies in their society. The aim is to develop the creative potentials of young people to engage them, empowering them to strengthen their identity and enter into a constructive and positive dialogue with each other, in order to become positive actors in their society.

The Palestinian Circus School encourages the development of a new form of cultural expression and a new generation of artists in Palestine.

The show portrays a journey through the opposing demands the student faces, namely their circus dreams and their financial, “real life” responsibilities. Neither the society nor the families accept the idea of circus arts. In spite of this, the students are determined to change their reality and to pursue their dreams. The performance conveys this experience in a simple way: comedy and tragic scenes happening between a small shop owner in Jenin and his clients, who come looking for their dreams in the shop. The idea of making this production emerged from the Circus school belief that it can offer new opportunities for children and youth in Palestine and provide them with a platform to communicate their thoughts, ideas and internal struggles. The show is currently being performed in refugee camps, villages and cities all over the West Bank.

The play “dreams for sales” that was performed on Ghirass stage lasted one hour.  The show included acrobatic movements as typical for a circus.

The audience admired the show and interacted very well. In the end Ghirass Center thanked the Circus of Palestine and its staff for their performance and meaningful work.

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