If you did not set a plan you will find yourself in others plan

Someone who tries to put a plan and tries to put his daily program will fall in errors. But these errors will motivate and drive him towards the continuing challenge to reach his aim. It also makes sure to do that and serve as a base to development and progress. This rule is not rigid or fixed. But if there are subject to be changed or developed, someone must not be subject to cancellation. If we cancel calculations, we will be in the plans of others.

With this argument that we have set the title, we want to introduce another success story. We decided to make our planning a key of our conversation and our version of the story of a child, Mohammed Sbeh, beneficiary of the program of learning difficulties at Ghirass Cultural Center. Ghirass Center wants to present success stories of our children. Here we present you another story that gives you the challenge to set a plan.

Mohammed is seven years old and lives in Al Khader village, south west of Bethlehem. Al Khader is famous for its grapes with all kinds and land vast stretches even what called Atsion and wraps its wire-west line of the so-called Route 60. The wall separates Al Khader from the villages west of Bethlehem such as Battir, Husan, Nahaleen and Wad Fukin. Mohammed receives basic education in Al Khader school in the second grade. His mother and the teachers noticed that there are problems with learning. He was transferred from the educational counselor in his school to Ghirass Center. His mother went to the Center and talked about the problem of her son. On 7th June 2010, Ghirass made an assessment for the child, including knowledge structure (time, place, directions, social skills and knowledge), mental processes (attention, perception, memory, language and thinking) and strategies, which include thinking and comparative ratings that lead to be aware of the detail and reliance on the method of foresight rather than trial and error. In addition, the language is important and what is underneath the skills of voice awareness and the wealth of linguistic and mental processes.

The results of the assessment showed a clear lack of all skills mentioned above. Accordingly, an intensive program for the child had been set, during which the child had remedial teaching lessons two months, twice a week. The mother joined the classes to follow-up the program at home and talked to the social worker. Muhammad also joined the group activities in the divisions of games and the library. After two months significant progress had been noticed in his capabilities compared to the past.

And as we always hear stories of the success of our children from their parents, we met the mother of  Mohammed Sbeh. She spoke to us about Mohammad, saying: “Mohammad suffered from health problems (poor view, delays in walking and speech impaired) since he was young was and also reviewed with a neurologist, who assured me that understanding and awareness will be lower than the level of his generation. It became clear when he entered the kindergarten. I worked with him much without any benefit .After that I took an advice from the director of a kindergarten in a private school in Dheisheh. When he entered the first grade, his educational level was very bad. It made me worry about him. He even couldn’t distinguish the characters and just absorbed little. After all that suffering, the month of May 2010 was a time of change in the life of Mohammad. I was invited to attend a meeting at the school about the difficulties of learning and speaking. The director of Ghirass, Miss Ibtisam Ilzyghayyer, was there and explained to me the problem of Mohammad. So I immediately went to Adnan Matar, the school counselor and he transferred me to Ghirass Center. There the staff welcomed me and my son with great respect.”

“Today, I’m talking about Mohammed in 2011. I notice the development of his character and self-confidence, his distinguished letters and syllables and his concepts of mathematics. It makes me very happy and I feel hope. I am thankful to Ghirass Center and its entire staff, God blesses them all.

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