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The Ghirass Center and Friends of Bethlehem Association

The Ghirass Centre and the Friends of Bethlehem Association continue to carry out joint activities on sensory-motor skills with 25 boys and girls.

Joint activities with parents and children in the Ghirass Center

On 13 march Joint activities with children and their mothers were implemented in the Ghirass Centre, including games, drawing and animations. The main goal of this is to

Meeting of the advocacy team

The Ghirass Center advocacy team held a meeting on 3rd of February for the advocacy group, which discussed the group’s vision and the nature of the tasks and community service activities that the Group intends to make in its annual

Meeting with teachers in the outreach program

Outreach monitors in the Ghirass Center held a meeting on 1st of February with 25 teachers from five government schools targeted with the Essence of Learning project:

Chess workshops at Ghirass

The Educational Games Department of the Ghirass Cultural Centre organized a chess course for 15 boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 14. The course,

Meeting with parents of children from the remedial teaching program

The Ghirass team met with parents of children from the remedial teaching program. Here, several issues and important matters relating to their children were discussed: educational, psychological, recreational and social aspects of the child’s development included.

A photography workshop for the Ghirass team

On Friday 19th January 2018, the Public Relations officer of the Center organized a training workshop aimed at the 13 staff at Ghirass in the field of photography. Different skills were explored, including the criteria

Hakaya Winter Training Camp

The Ghirass Cultural Center organized a winter training camp for the Hakaya Dabka and Folk Singing team, funded by GIZ. The camp lasted for three days, from 9th January to 11th January 2018,

Ghirass Center organizes a leisure trip to Mary Dutty Park

The Ghirass Cultural Center organized a day of entertainment for the

The Ghirass Center celebrates Mother’s Day

On Saturday, 2018/3/24, the Ghirass Centre celebrated Mother’s day

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