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Teachers of three public schools have been trained on the Essence of Learning

Teachers of three public schools have been trained on the Essence of Learning (EoL) for four days from 13-16 of

25 Teachers Benefited from the Core Training of Learning

The training staff of the Ghirass Center trained 25 kindergarten teachers in the Essence of Learning (EoL) approach,

The Swiss Expert in the Essence of Learning visits the Ghirass Outreach Program

The visit of Swiss expert Beatrice Ruttishauser, undertaking evaluation on “The Essence of Learning” ended on Thursday

Parkour Training

Training took place for 73 children age 6-14 years old from the Ghirass Cultural Center in the sport of Parkour, carried out by Caritas Switzerland

Parkour Training

Four participants from Ghirass Cultural Center engaged in Parkour sport training, it was sponsored by Caritas Switzerland. This sport was unique of

Reading Challenge Contest at Ghirass

30 children participated in the Reading Challenge contest, from 6-14 years old. They were divided into two groups. The competition was supervised by a jury committee

A visitor from the UK

Showed their happiness and joy at the folklore shows of the Hakaya Band and said: “ I loved the dancing, rhythm, singing and the most,

300 Children Participated in Two Summer Camps

With the launch of the annual activity of the Ghirass Center, approximately 300 boys and girls aged 5-14 participated

The Hakaya band Returned from the United Kingdom

The Hakaya Folk Band based in the Ghirass Center returned home after 18-day s of cultural exchange between Leicester

Providing Medical Services for 20 women

In a program of cooperation and coordination between the Ghirass Center and the Health Work Committees, a morning of medical services

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