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The resumption of therapeutic courses for children with learning difficulties and underachievement problems

130 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 13 were enrolled in the remedial teaching program, which focuses on early detection and remediation of learning difficulties, underachievement problems and on also strengthening the role of parents.

The resumption of courses to enhance life skills and adaptability in children

Ghirass Cultural Center has resumed a series of activities for groups of children, where about 300 boys and girls benefit from the library and reading activities, football, Parkour, Aikido, drawing, chess, drama, climbing, kinesthetic activities and handicrafts.

Training on the Essence of Learning in new locations

On August 8th 2019 the Ghirass Cultural Center completed a 24-hour training course that lasted 4 days on the Essence of Learning for teachers in new locations where the Ghirass team intends to start applying its methodology. This will be in refugee camps and villages in Bethlehem district, including 7 primary schools and ten kindergartens.The […]

Hakaya group flying to the UK

The Hakaya Group visited the British capital London as well as the city of Bath. The trip was organized by the Palestinian Community Foundation –PCF- The visit lasted for two weeks from July 1st to 15th of July. For the first four days the group was hosted by Westonbirt School where they were involved in […]

Hakaya performs in Norway

As part of the Ghirass cultural exchange program with the social worker Union FO in Norway (Telemark county), the Hakaya group participated in a visit to Norway from June 10th to 20th 2019, where it gave a variety of interesting folkdance performances in a number of places in Telemark county.

300 children aged 6-14 years participate in the Summer Activities

The Ghirass Cultural Center organized two summer camps, each one for a different age-group, each for two weeks in which 300 boys and girls from the Bethlehem District aged 6-14 years participated. The activities took place over two phases lasting from 10th June until 27th July 2019.

Meeting of the Ghirass Libraries Network

In its library, the Ghirass Cultural Center hosted extensive meetings including a group of representatives of libraries for children organized by the Tamer Foundation, in order to develop a general vision for an operational plan to work with children by the beginning of the next academic year 2019/2020. It is worth mentioning that Ghirass Center […]

Ghirass hosts the graduation of 80 teachers from the outreach program

In the presence of representatives of the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation and the Directorate of Education of Bethlehem, the Ghirass Cultural Center organized a graduation ceremony for 80 teachers from 7 kindergartens and 6 public primary schools, who had received extensive and intensive training in the Essence of Learning,

A training camp for Hakaya at Murad Resort

In preparation for the cultural exchanges with Norway and the United Kingdom, in early June and July 2019, Ghirass organized a training camp in Murad resort for the Hakaya folk group, which lasted for three days, during which time intensive training took place.

An entertainment day for Ghirass staff

On the occasion of International Labor Day and Ghirass annual vacation, the Ghirass Cultural Center organized an entertainment day for its working team, including a trip to Nablus and touring the Old City, then a visit to Sama Nablus Park.

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