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Araz is a Kurdish word for “freedom”

But the address is different from Araz, the human … He is a child in Palestine and lives in the Aida refugee camp, north-west of Bethlehem. This camp has a long story. The wall is surrounding the camp from west and north with the height of 12 meters. This wall kills the freedom and forbids […]

If you did not set a plan you will find yourself in others plan

Someone who tries to put a plan and tries to put his daily program will fall in errors. But these errors will motivate and drive him towards the continuing challenge to reach his aim. It also makes sure to do that and serve as a base to development and progress. This rule is not rigid […]

Im Ibrahim

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave

If we look at the title of this story, we are inspired by the wisdom of the past, which urges us  always to seek knowledge regardless of age or circumstances, however harsh or difficult they may be.  We should seek knowledge from birth to death, turning our back on excuses or circumstances which can make […]


I did not fail 1000 times, but discovered that there are 1000 way that leads to failure

With this argument by Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb where he said after repeating the experience of the light bulb 1000 and succeeded the invention after the experiment No. 1001. This statement leads us with all it means of challenge and determination and perseverance to talk about a success story for a kid […]

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